Maria Slaby Publisher of The Bunk Room

My career has navigated along a rich and varied path of including motherhood, marketing and magazines, but always constant has been my passion for marketing and helping others embrace their professional and personal bliss. We’re all reaching for the holy grail of Happy which combines all of our many lives, at work and beyond.

As a long-time entrepreneur and mom of four, I’ve worn many hats along the way, creating a whole bunch of life stories that add to my perspective on marketing.

I hope I can throw out a thought or two that might spark a little inspiration into the marketing of your awesome business.


Maria Slaby is the CEO of Dimples Media, publisher of several brands including The Bunk Room, a magazine written entirely by kids, offering publishing opportunities for community editions throughout the US with a mission to inspire kids to embrace reading, writing and ultimately critical thinking. Follow Maria on Twitter @mariaslaby.