Social Media & Customer Engagement. It works!

maria slaby muses marketing social media_With the “Everyday Busy” it’s often hard to put that “just one more healthy thing” into your daily routine. Today I urge you to stand back, dust off your to-do list and add one more thing to consider. If you haven’t already, open your mind to social media.

It’s a thing. A thing that needs care and feeding. But it’s a thing that actually works for business. Studies have shown that customers who follow you on social channels are considerably more apt to promote your brand to others. If you can get your customers to speak on your behalf in social channels, you will reap grand benefits. With a click of a share or re-tweet, you’re getting amplified, digital word-of-mouth magic!

According to the Eloqua study, a customer who engages in social media is much more apt to promote your brand than the “average customer” at a rate of 450% more! WhoHoo! While Facebook fans registered a whopping 700% greater than average promotion score, Twitter outpaced Facebook at a pace of nine times more!

A Twitter AND a Facebook page are a few clicks away. Take your next Saturday morning and set them up and watch your business grow. Learn some basics and, read this book. But remember, they take care and feeding. Not as bad as a new puppy, but you need to walk them regularly. . . at least once a week.